How Does McDonough Carpet Cleaning Use 3 Carpet Cleaning Methods?

Cleaning stubborn stains on your carpet can be overwhelming. But with the help of McDonough Carpet Cleaning, you don’t have to worry about having an unsightly carpet anymore!

What is the Steam Method and How Does McDonough Carpet Cleaning Perform it?

This cleaning method uses chemical detergent and hot water to kill the bacteria in the carpet. Here are its 7 steps:

clean1. Find a steam cleaner. It should be able to remove a lot of dirt and water without damaging the carpet. Don’t use the steam cleaner unless it’s not humid outside.

2. Fill the water tank and the cleaning solution tank of the steam cleaner. The water and cleaning solution will be injected into the fibers of the carpet.

3. Use a small amount of cleaning solution that has a pH of less than 10. A cleaning solution that has a pH of more than 9 can destroy the fibers and the colors of the carpet.

4. Start cleaning the area of the carpet that’s furthest from the door and move backwards. You won’t walk on the cleaned carpet if you move backwards.

5. Go over the carpet several times to extract all of the cleaning solution.

6. Use clean water to rinse out the cleaning solution. Do this only if you think there’s cleaning solution left in the carpet. Residue of cleaning solution will attract dirt to the carpet overtime.

7. Turn on a humidifier, fans, or an air conditioner to dry the carpet faster.

What is the Dry Method and How Does McDonough Carpet Cleaning Perform It?

This cleaning method uses powdered detergent to loosen the dirt in the carpet. Here are its 9 steps:

1. Mix powdered detergent with some water to create soapy water. Soak a cloth in the soapy water.

2. Vacuum the entire carpet twice in different directions. The vacuum cleaner should have a new cleaner bag so that it won’t leave dirt in the carpet.

3. Use the wet cloth to wipe the carpet and to make the carpet damp. Let the soapy water wet the carpet for 5 minutes.

4. Use a carpet brush to scrub the stain on the carpet in different directions. Stubborn dirt can be scrubbed repeatedly.

5. Lay old sheets or towels on the carpet to absorb excess soapy water.

6. Replace the dirty soapy water with clean water after cleaning the whole carpet.

7. Dip the carpet brush in clean water and scrub the clean carpet to remove residue of soapy water.

8. Let the carpet dry by turning on the fans or opening the windows.

9. Vacuum the carpet once again to pick up loosened dirt.

What is the Shampoo Method and How Does McDonough Carpet Cleaning Perform It?

The method uses foam that’s created from shampoo. Here are its 6 steps:

1. Fill the rotary shampoo machine with carpet shampoo and clean water. Make sure not to use excess shampoo because it will leave more residue on the carpet. The residue will adhere dirt to the carpet.

2. Move the rotary shampoo machine in one corner of the room first. The rotating brushes of the machine will scrub the carpet. Carpet shampoo will draw out dirt from the carpet as the machine moves.

3. Stop the rotary shampoo machine and walk backward to the carpet that you shampooed. The machine can be moved back and forth over stubborn dirt.

4. Check if the rotary shampoo machine draws up dirty water into its waste tank.

5. Move the rotary shampoo machine in an up and down movement to clean the entire carpet. You can refill the machine with clean water and carpet shampoo if needed after emptying the waste tank.

6. Allow the carpet to dry for 2-24 hours before putting furniture back in the room.

Questions to Ask Before Buying Home Safes

A bank deposit box simply cannot beat the convenience of owning home safes. At the start, these safes are considered to be limited to the wealthy families and individuals. However, the truth is that these kinds of safes are a cost-effective solution to keeping the precious possessions safe from thieves, fire or other natural mishaps.

They are available in many different styles, sizes, and installations. Some of them come in as standalone floor versions, while some are obscured underneath the floor boards or behind a picture or mirror on the wall. The kind to be chosen will vary based on the items to be stored and guarded, the threat, and the price range.

Here are some questions that need to be answered to effectively acquire the right home safes.

What are the items that need to be safeguarded?

Being aware of what possessions are intended to be kept in the safe is vital. This will facilitate in figuring out and what type of safe is needed and how big should it be. Keeping firearms is certainly not the same as storing laptop or computer. This will have a huge bearing on what type of home safes should a customer purchase.

Where should the safe be bought?

Purchasing a home safe Home Safesstarts with determining where to buy it from. There are always available safes in the department store in the neighborhood. However, if these products are going to be obtained from just anyone apart from an expert safe merchant or locksmith, the sellers may not be competent enough to supply suggestions and guidance that the customers need to be able to pick the right model. Plus, the customers will most likely need to set it up by themselves. In addition, in the event that the safe fails and would necessitate some repair; it is very likely the customers will not be able to receive aid from the local department store where they originally bought it.

When the customers purchase home safes from a professional merchant, it denotes that they can also receive helpful advice regarding which kind of safe is necessary for their distinctive situation. They also have the ability to list down the functions, benefits and drawbacks of every type of safe. Then, they will advise their customers what the safe can control. In the event there is a need for installation, restoration or delivery services, an expert safe dealer can provide assistance regarding that as well.

What are the threats the customer is protecting the belongings from?

While many of the modern safes are developed to defend against theft, never assume that all of them can prevent destruction from fire. Some safes are marketed as being a hundred percent safe against fire. Yet, not one safe actually have this kind of fire rating. Instead, these safes are created to endure fire for 60 minutes or 120 minutes.

Additionally, there is no safe anywhere that is one hundred percent intruder proof. In case an intruder has gained the adequate experience and the proper tools, and the sufficient time, they will still be able to enter into a safe. Home safes get ratings determined by professional testing organizations. They examine the length of time it would take for an experienced robber to break into the home safe. Those safes that are more difficult to break into get the higher classification, the higher price and the higher protection against the common criminal.

The safes intended for media and computer are developed with dry fill in order to avoid the release of humidity. Media safes are generally more costly as compared to other kinds of safes.

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Why Buy Ostarine?

Ostarine, also known as mk-2866, is a SARM that is used for the treatment and prevention of muscle wasting. SARM stands for selective androgen receptor modulator and Ostarine belongs to this category of chemicals. Unlike testosterone or any other anabolic steroids, Ostarine does not have any androgenic activity in the non-skeletal tissues. Ostarine, therefore, is a good and effective way to not only keep and maintain lean body mass but to also increase it as well.

When searching the market for something to help build lean mass, it would be good to buy ostarine or at least put it up for consideration. It won’t be able to give as much muscle compared to those of anabolic steroids but the overall gain in muscle will be almost strictly composed of lean muscle. Lean mass that is created with the help of Ostarine is also very much keep-able and the increase can usually reach up to 7 pounds in total over the span of 8 weeks. Side effects that are usually present from using anabolic steroids don’t show up when using Ostarine which makes it an even better option.

buy ostarineAside from building up lean mass, another reason to buy Ostarine is to cut body fat. Ostarine has properties that help build and maintain muscle mass while also reducing calories. The magic lies in how Ostarine is able to do its nutrient partitioning effects making it highly efficient and helpful when the user looks to cut excess body fat. Although building and gaining lean muscle and losing body fat are contradictory, Ostarine can help achieve both because of its properties. This process is called recomping. This makes it an ideal choice if both results want to be achieved – as is usually the case.

It is important to remember though that since two contradicting things is targeted at the same time, success is not going to happen overnight. The process will take a bit longer than when trying to achieve each process individually. To help optimize the recomping process, a proper diet must also be observed. A suggested intake of calories just above maintenance together with at least 30% coming from a variety of lean sources of protein should yield great effects.

Another good reason to buy Ostarine is for prevention. Ostarine’s effect translates to anabolism within the bone and skeletal tissues. Since it helps strengthen both bone and muscle, it can help prevent future deterioration problems in the bone and muscle including osteoporosis and other similar problems. When injuries do occur, it can also help in the rehabilitation of bone and muscle tissue related injuries.

Some other benefits that would convince the user to buy Ostarine are that it is not methylated. This means that it is nontoxic to the liver as well as to the blood pressure. This is an extra incentive because some other forms of treatment can hurt the liver or other organs and can give the user long term negative side effects. Other forms of treatment like some steroids bring forth aggression in a person and that is not really ideal as it is detrimental to the daily life of user. This side effect is also nonexistent in Ostarine and provides the user a greater sense of wellbeing while on the medication.

Some other steroids have a high oral bioavailability, this means that they are easily absorbed by the system of the user; the problem with most oral steroids is that while it has high bioavailability, it can also significantly damage the liver. Ostarine provides high oral bioavailability but does not have this same side effect.

When choosing to buy Ostarine, it is important to not only look for the effects that it can provide but also to look at possible side effects. Compared to other anabolic steroids, Ostarine can provide really good effects but also not give any of the bad side effects commonly associated with anabolic steroids.

Custom Challenge Coins: Unique and Meaningful Mementos

Are you looking for a unique and meaningful item to give away at the end of a company event or to celebrate a season well played with your sports team? Instead of the conventional mugs or shirts, you may want to consider having custom challenge coins made for the occasion. These coins, even if imprinted with only small details, can make all the difference and are sure to make your gesture a memorable one. The recipients are guaranteed to appreciate a well-crafted coin much more than a certificate printed out on pretty paper.

To help you get the best possible mementos, here are a few tips on having customized coins made online.

How to Find a Good Coin Minter

custom challenge coinsFinding a coin minter is as easy as going on Google and typing “makers of custom challenge coins” – you’ll get thousands of results that way. Finding a good coin minting company that can be relied on to do an impeccable job takes a bit more work, however. You’ll need to do quite a bit of research, but fortunately that can be accomplished from the comfort of your desk chair.

The first place to look would be blogs and forums dedicated to the subject of challenge coins. These are where real people talk about their experiences with customized coin minting, so you can trust what they say more than what would come from a company rep. Canvas these to see which names crop up consistently as being associated with good service.

The Basic Design of a Custom Challenge Coin

Once you’ve chosen a coin minter, you will go into the process of designing what will go on your custom challenge coins. As you have undoubtedly seen from pictures of this kind of product, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can put on a coin. Just remember that the method used to impart these designs onto the coins is striking, which is basically hammering it onto the metal with a unique die, rather like how you’d stamp a seal into soft wax. As such, you should create your design with the limitations of this process in mind: excessively fine lines may be lost if the die is used too often, and details on the very borders may be lost if the metal discs move even a fraction off-center.

Plating, Engraving, Enamel and Epoxy

The raw material for most custom challenge coins is bronze, but that doesn’t mean the coins have to stay that color. After a coin has been struck it is easy to plate it with gold or silver coloring so as to lend it a bit more character. Details that vary, such as names and dates, can be engraved upon the surface of the individual coins after plating in order to show the recipients that you really did have them in mind when the coins were made.

A splash of color is often welcome especially for groups and organizations that have signature color schemes. Hard-wearing enamel is used to impart these hues onto challenge coins by painting the substance onto recessed areas created when the design is pressed into the coin. Additional protection and an attractive shine can be provided by a layer of epoxy, though this must be the final detail added to a challenge coin as no further changes can be made afterwards.

The Presentation of Your Coin

A custom challenge coin is not just an object that you can hand out randomly out of a bowl or basket. The presentation of these keepsakes is important as well: aside from helping to give a good impression of your event, the method of presentation will also help the recipients keep their coins safe. The simplest packaging for a challenge coins is usually a pouch, and this can be made of anything from lace to leather. Other more formal options are frames, boxes with velveteen linings and clear acrylic display cases.

10 Tips on How to Clean and Care for Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are essential when you are playing golf. They help provide lateral support and stability when going for a swing, and make it easier to navigate uneven golf course terrains. They also protect the golfer’s knees and feet from any injuries.

Because a pair can be a costly investment, it is necessary to preserve them and make them last longer.

Golf shoesShoes for golf are usually made of leather, which can become dirty easily on the golf course. There is also the possibility of pesticides or herbicides spread over the grass which can affect the shoes’ material.

Fortunately, there are some basic tips and guidelines when caring and cleaning golf shoes that are simple to do. If you want to keep your pair in tip top shape, you should apply these tips after every game.

1. Wipe your shoes with a towel after your every round. Do it right there on the golf course. It will remove chemicals from the grass, and excess water and mud you might have accumulated from water hazards.

These are things that shouldn’t be allowed to linger on your shoes. Not only because they will stain, but it may begin to break down the leather in them.

2. Clean your shoes with a wet towel at the conclusion of every game. Make sure you get rid of all the dirt on the exterior and also at the creases. After that, dry it off with another towel.

Do not store shoes while moist or wet. It may cause mold to build up on the leather and will make it deteriorate rapidly.

3. Don’t soak the golf shoes in water when doing major cleaning. It will damage the shoes’ material. A towel moistened with a mixture of mild soap and water will do.

4. Shoes for golf should be polished once every month as a minimum. It’s not only to keep them looking good. Furthermore, the wax will keep your shoes durable and will prolong its life a lot longer.

5. You can get scratch marks off with a matching color of shoe polish. Scratches are normal when you are regularly using your shoes to play golf. Remember to choose a shoe polish that can be applied to leather.

6. Don’t forget to clean the spikes of your shoes as well. You can also use the same towel moistened with mild soap and water for this purpose.

Check if the spikes are still complete and not worn down. Missing or worn down spikes may eat away at the actual soles of your shoes, which can make them start to leak water in. If that happens, it’s time to buy a new pair again.

7. Check the spikes once every month, and change them every two months. If you are playing more regularly, about twice or thrice a week, make sure that the spikes are still giving adequate support and grip strength for your swings. By ensuring that your shoe spikes are working well, you can stay away from possible knee injuries.

8. Golf shoes can last their longest by using shoe trees in them when not in use. Shoe trees help your shoes maintain their form and keep moisture out. Moisture is the number one enemy of any leather item. Hint: If your feet are not in the shoes, then the shoe trees are.

Never leave golf leather shoes in the trunk of a car, especially during the summer months.

9. Apply leather oil on your shoes. Use a polishing cloth to rub a small amount of it on each shoe.

10. Occasionally, hire a professional to clean your shoes. They will have your pair looking brand new. They will also apply lotions to extend the life of the golf shoe leather.

You experience great value for your money if you follow these few simple care tips for your golfing shoes. Your shoes will also always look professional and nice every time you wear them.

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Main Factors to Consider when Selecting Misting Fans

Misting fans have been an important element in various homes and businesses. They operate by hydrating and circulating air evenly throughout a room, to provide a fresh and comfortable indoor or outdoor environment. Since moisture is circulated evenly throughout, everyone will feel comfortable regardless of the point they are inside that room. Moisture cannot damage the painting and finishing on the walls since it is not left to settle but it evenly spreads all over the room.

Misting fanChoosing the proper misting fans for your business or home requires some consideration. To start with, you have to consider the square footage of your entire room. You will need a larger model if you intend to install the fan in a restaurant kitchen. However, if you just need one for your living room, a small model can work efficiently.

You also have to determine the heat and humidity of the room when choosing misting fans. If your environment is too dry, you have to consider the fans which are designed to cater for such specifications. Large and very busy rooms like restaurants will require high pressure fans which are capable of filling mist in the entire room regardless of the traffic. You might have to dig into your pocket a little deeper in order to acquire such a fan. However, the kind of service it will offer will be absolutely worthwhile.

The best place to shop for misting fans is online. When you decide to shop online, you will come across a variety of options to consider. You will never have to settle for a misting fan due to lack of better options. The other good thing about online shopping is that, you can easily compare prices and other features of fans offered by various stores. You can be able to spot the best fans without using too much time and effort.

Most importantly, shopping online allows you to study about misting fans even before you purchase them. You can find valuable information about these fans from a reliable online store. You can go through this information to learn more on how to make proper use of your fan and the main things to consider when acquiring a new one. Keeping your area cool and comfortable has never been easier with so many fans available today. You should take your time when selecting an ideal misting fan for your home or business.

Our misting fans are completely designed with your comfort in mind.

What to Consider with Help Desk Software

Help desk software applications are basically a database of call reports, client information, service agreement levels, and solutions guides. It also streamlines issue resolution and customer support. When choosing help desk software, see to it that you consider the features as well as the costs involved.

You should take a look at the different types of help desk software and check out their benefits and drawbacks. Of course, you should also consider if it is suitable for your needs and personal preferences. There are a lot of options available on the market, so it should not be difficult for you to find what you are looking for.

help desk softwareAnyway, there are two basic types of help desk software: self-hosted solutions and cloud-based solutions. Self-hosted solutions are hosted on the servers of the users. Cloud-based solutions, on the other hand, are hosted by the service provider online. Both types are useful but they may also target a specific client; so, be sure to verify their special usage.

Usually, the price of self-hosted help desk software ranges up to one thousand dollars per month per user. Well, this is a bit much if you are looking to save some money. However, the price can be worth it if self-hosted solutions are what you need for your business. Just keep in mind that there can be additional costs involved.

Aside from the thousand-dollar monthly cost, you may also be required to pay for on-site technical support, hiring more employees, and buying additional equipment. With cloud-based help desk software, on the other hand, you will be asked to pay less. It is actually less expensive than self-hosted solutions.

If you choose cloud-based help desk software, you will not need a huge capital outlay for equipment or licensing. You will also receive continuous support, maintenance, and backup. Cloud-based solutions may be ideal for those who are conscious of their budgets. This software option is more economical and practical.

As for the features, help desk software generally have Web interface, community forums, branding, knowledge base, content restrictions, customization, and single sign-on authentication. The quality may vary; but a quality open-source help desk software will offer you plenty of options. Take note that some systems may be better than another in a certain aspect.

Nonetheless, the best and most ideal systems are those that allow for various activities with the ability to be installed on different operating systems. Do not forget to check out the data generated by these systems as well as find out how they can be utilized in other systems. For instance, you should see if exporting data out of a specific system for the purpose of facilitating management activities is easier than exporting data with a cross-platform system.

Things to Consider When Hiring a DUI Attorney Salt Lake City

As a resident of Salt Lake City, Utah, you are entitled to a DUI attorney Salt Lake City once convicted of drunk driving or DUI. Drunk driving or reckless driving due to being under the influence of alcohol is a serious offense in the eyes of the local and national law. It is a criminal offense. To the Department of Motor Vehicles or the DMV, it is a civil case. This could lead to your driver’s license being suspended indefinitely.

No one would want their licenses or, specifically, their rights to driving revoked or suspended after their first DUI case. In cases like this, you’ll need to hire the right DUI attorney Salt Lake City to help you with your case against the DMV.  You’ll also need his help with your pending case with the local court on your DUI charge.

Now, before you hire an aggressive and reliable DUI attorney Salt Lake City, you’ll need to get a few things straight. You should set your own requirements for the best attorney who will handle your DUI case.

History of Cases

attorneyThe first thing you should consider when hiring an attorney who specializes in DUI cases is his career. How long has he been practicing law? This should give you an idea on the extent of his practice. Then, you can go to the specifics. You can ask him about how many DUI cases he has handled. You can ask him about how many of these cases he has won and how many he’s lost. How many of his clients have had DUI charges on them dropped or reduced? The answers to these should help you decide whether he is fit to represent you on court hearings.

A DUI attorney needs to have vast experience with DUI cases. You do not want to hire the first attorney you come across.  You are going to pay for his services and it is only fair that you choose an attorney who can give you the best defense possible.

A Sea of Choices

There are plenty of good DUI attorneys to choose from. By asking them the right questions, you can cut your choices to at least two to three. You can find the right DUI lawyer to help you with your drunk driving case this way.

There is so much to do when you have a pending DUI charge to attend to. A good DUI attorney Salt Lake City helps you through these.  You need to be able to trust your attorney.  For him to be able to defend you, you have to cooperate fully with him by giving him the details relevant to the case. Then together, you can keep your license from getting suspended and your sentence reduced if it is possible.

Live Chat for Websites Provide Useful Solutions

Today’s internet users are using live chat as a means of communications with one another. This innovation in technology enables users to communicate real-time from different locations and live chat for websites has practically changed the communication landscape. From simple personal conversations, live chat has become one of the most useful tools business websites have been given access to.

Even the major networking sites have taken advantage of the live chat software to attract more users. On a day to day basis, networking sites have millions of users online and it continues to increase. Live chat is one of the tools that most users look for because of the convenience of being able to talk real-time with friends and family from overseas.

Live chat for websites has become an integral part of any business site.  Customer service has greatly improved with the utilization of the live chat program. How does this software become vital in the way businesses handle their customers?

live chatOne of the main factors that made live chat for websites essential is the real time and prompt reply, businesses provide to their customers. Live customer support has defied the boundaries set by time and distance. Customers are able to receive the response they need on issues about products and services that needed immediate attention.

Live chat facility provide customers with real time conversation with your company’s customer service agents. It is important in any business to develop a strong working relationship with each of their clients; this is how you earn their loyalty while increasing your company’s profits.

The live chat for websites software enables you to meet the requirements and needs of your customers. It is not just knowing about the problems and issues they have with your product or service, but also knowing how you can be of help to them. Online businesses have to be knowledgeable of what customers usually look for so they can provide them what they need.

It is interesting to take note that not only your regular customers use the live chat for websites feature. Most of the time, potential customers check up your site because they saw something that they might need. These visitors will have questions about your product and/or services. If they are satisfied, they will become you paying customers. Hence, it is crucial that your agents are able to answer a potential customer’s concerns.

Having a direct conversation with your customer service agents, you can solicit immediate feedback and make improvements when needed and continue with what is working for you. Being able to know your customers and their needs makes it easier to help them – you can their trust in the process.

Live chat for websites creates a direct communication environment between you and your customers take advantage of that and grow your business.

The Good and Bad of Remote Control Software

For good or bad, remote control software for computers is here to stay. It is a bit of a mystery to those who are not into tech, but the ability to remotely access and control a computer has been around for a very long time.

This type of technology usually sees a large amount of use in large organizations that has a vast network of computers.

There are many advantages to using this software much in the same way that there are also disadvantages. For those still on the fence on whether to get one, here are some of the things that makes remote control software good and bad.

Advantage: Increased productivity in the workplace

The world is becoming more and more competitive as it becomes more and more globalized. Business deals are now being exchanged between companies from across the entire globe.

Some companies will find themselves in a pinch whenever their staff is stretched thin. Maybe one of their key employees is on an important business trip but is also needed to give input on a meeting at the company’s HQ. An employee away on a trip can maintain their connection with corporate HQ with remote control software.

Advantage: Improved IT infrastructure

remote control softwareRemote desktop software is also extremely useful in updating a company’s IT infrastructure. When updating software or installing new applications, people from the IT department would usually have to physically go to each computer in order to install and update software.

Software that allows remote desktop access will mean that the IT department can update and install new software with a single command. No longer will the IT staff have to go around the entire office just to make sure that all things are updated.
Disadvantage: Possibility of data theft

When using remote desktop software, one of the most dangerous threats to the system is data theft. Most companies have very secure networks, but it does not mean that the system is invulnerable to an attack.

The possibility of being hacked is always real especially if someone from inside the company is giving away security codes. With that said, companies that provide services related to remote desktop access usually have staff that monitor the system for this sort of thing.

Disadvantage: The networked can get crippled by a virus

Again, the possibility of a network getting hacked, though little, is still a definite possibility. Aside from stealing information another very important thing that companies should look out for are hackers who send out computer viruses.

Having access to just one computer is enough to make it easy for someone to spread out a virus that can shake the entire network. It must be noted that the best and most secure remote control software does not suffer from this issue due to the safety measures they have in place. is powered by Wordpress | WordPress Themes